Education of the African American Experience Through Entertainment


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Through the use of entertainment Dr. Joe P. Cornelius has found a unique way of communicating  the fascinating history of the African-American's experience. He has written a one man dramatization of the history of African Americans through the use of "Hats".  This performance has been enjoyed by thousands by way of his live appearance on the nationally syndicated show, Tony Brown's Journal.  "Hats" is by far one of the more popular history lessons about the black experience. Other skits include "Alexander" and "The Devil and Leroy Jones."

Alexander was inspired by a student who used the excuse of being "Black" as a way not to strive for excellence in school and used the same excuse throughout life.  As Dr. Cornelius portrays the life of Alexander we are all given a reminder that excellency is within us all.

The Devil and Leroy Jones is a story of a young man who, as he matures into manhood combats the devil in a positive way with witty dialogue.  Little Leroy ultimately overcomes stigmas placed upon him by the devil and emerges victoriously.

Enjoy the experience of "Hats", "The Devil and Leroy Jones" and "Alexander" which have strong messages of hope, inspiration, black history and the power of a good education!


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